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Crosspost: Etiquette Guide to Vampires

Apr. 23rd, 2011 | 07:00 pm

Original post on wordpress: http://distractionmaintenance.wordpress.com/

A little thing I wrote:

For my web class I made a silly etiquette guide type thing (it’s not really a guide to etiquette, so I’ll have to work on that part, but I thought it’d be fun to post what I wrote here. (I don’t know how long after the class the webpage will still be up, but take a look and it may still be there!: http://senna.sjsu.edu/rdean/serendira/week6/svazquezduran_a6.html)

An Etiquette Guide to Vampires

Any fine young man or young lady may encounter a vampire, a person of the night who survives by drinking blood of others. These “others” are often victims who come to a bad end, but there are those gentlmen and lady vampires who are quite careful in their behavior so as to not cause a disturbance. I hope that this quick review will help create understanding on the necessary protocol when one come across a person of the night.

Sympathetic Vampire

Usually male, this vampire presents himself as a tortured soul who regrets his lot in life and works very hard to keep from causing others harm. Due to the very nature of being a vampire, however, often the sympathetic vampire is a pain vortex and thus often young ladies or gentlemen who come across the sympathetic vampire find themselves in a whirlwind of adventure. It is during these encounters with this type of vampire that one should remember rules of etiquette and attempt to keep their wits about them. Do say hello, and listen to their tales should they be inclined to tell them to you. Please keep in mind that they may not give you all the details of their background, for fear of either putting you in danger or revealing too much about themselves. Should a sympathetic vampire seek out a relationship with you, either friendly or romantic, please keep in mind that the danger vampire (see below) may not be far off and this relationship could put you in grave danger. As a result it is not rude behavior to ask the sympathetic vampire to give you detailed descriptions of their past and any associates they have that could be harmful to you in the future. Should the sympathetic vampire appear pained by revealing this information, remember that their very existence likely pains them and you are not putting any more pressure on them than any other sane person would. Health and safety first is always more important than trying to please others, especially if those others may be the source of physical and emotional pain for you. Please find out what is going on in the sympathetic vampire’s life before you enter in a relationship. Should love overcome all your senses, please refer back to this paragraph, and least be aware of the dangers you may be putting others in.

Danger Vampire

While there is equal chance of this vampire being female or male, more often stories are told about male danger vampires. Often, they are somehow tied to the sympathetic vampire (all the more reason to request that the sympathetic vampire give you a good deal of information about himself) and as a result it is good to watch out for danger vampires when socializing with sympathetic ones. This is not always the case, but do remember that odds are if there is a vampire around a danger vampire is likely not far off. There really is no polite way to deal with danger vampires, as they will do what they want with no regard to other safety or health. In this situation please care for yourself the best you can and remember, health and safety over pleasing others. Etiquette is about getting along with others, not letting them walk all over you. Or rob you of your life.

Apathetic Vampire

Unlike either of the previous vampires the apathetic vampire will not seek out a relationship with you. Unless they are put in a situation where either they must feed off you to survive or they have any kind of responsibility for you, odds are they will leave you alone and go about their business. There is no need to extend any more courtesy to these vampires than you would to any other human person. You may not even know you have encountered an apathetic vampire. Do not let the name confuse you, should you find yourself put in a situation of having to be close to an apathetic vampire, you may find they change to a sympathetic or dangerous one. Once a relationships such as this develops, please refer to the above guidelines, and hopefully avoid any unnecessary danger. When interacting everyday with a vampire in a situation such as a work place do as mentioned above and treat them the same as you would any other person. But if you find out that they are indeed a vampire, keep in mind the dangers you could face and the face that in the end blood is necessary for them to survive.

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Sep. 9th, 2010 | 12:25 am

Yeah . . .

I manage to post here for 365 days, and now I can barely find time.

My attempts at this one thing (http://distractionmaintenance.wordpress.com/) and the other (http://nerdgirlsattack.tumblr.com/) may have distracted me from writing here.

Along with keeping up with grad school, that keeps me pretty busy too. You can probably see by the few posts over on the other sites that grad school has been taking up more of my time.

But I have been reading friends posts! I hope to write more here, but we'll see how that goes. I am almost always lurking on twitter. I really love twitter, it's the invisible social life I always hoped for! In a totally good way, of course.

That's the thing about twitter, it's not as creepy as following people on other social media sites where you can peek at pictures and old updates, follow the thread of social networking to more and more people to peek on. Even worse when people do not realize they are really posting their lives to the 'net. Twitter is just people sending out bits of info that may or may not be helpful, but have ended up giving me amazing information and many articles to read when I can't take my homework anymore. People may say it's dumb and I may not have anything interesting to write on there, but I love it.

So that's the end of that twitter rant. This is a completely unplanned post, and it's been kinda fun. Maybe I'll do more when the mood strikes :D. Of course, dear readers, you can expect puhlenty of typos.


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So much closet!!

Jul. 31st, 2010 | 09:47 pm

The mess of my closet which has lazily taken residence on my floor, due to my organizational efforts, is never ending.

Never. Ending.

My goodness it's getting difficult to sleep at night with all these messes!

Who thinks I'll actually be finished by the time mr. boyfriend gets here?

I am afraid, I must admit. But time to measure stuff so I can buy more stuff to put the stuff I already have in!

Hooray organizing!

(Screw insomnia, my closet will look GOOD!

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Oh Look! . . . Nevermind.

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 03:35 pm

Finally writing here again.

I would very much like to start an "official" blog, but I haven't been able to come up with a good name that's original enough or that doesn't bring up a google search result from the urban dictionary that is very not at all what I mean.

Exciting! Things!:

I gots a new computer!


Didn't realize until I got home that I need to take back said computer with my current computer so that they can do the data transfer. And I thusly got grumpy. Which made everyone else grumpy. Well, I don't think it was just me, but my grumpyness apparently is extremely contagious. Extremely.

But! Then!

I realized that I needed to register online so I could get the data transfer (I think. I hope.) and I did that. Then I called to see if I needed to make an appointment to take in the comps, but phone person said to just bring it in. Anyway, hooray new computer!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be data transfer day, and the contagion grump will not be stuck onto the action of data transfer. In good news, this will give me time to really organize my desk so that there is actually a place to put my new computer.

Happy fourth everyone!

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Oh Look! It's June!

Jun. 22nd, 2010 | 02:33 pm

And I will totally post something meaningful soon. Like before mid July.

Also, I'm gonna be 24 soon!

In other news, meet Twilo:

Twilo is mr. boyfriend's sister's kitty.

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Oh look! It's May!

May. 2nd, 2010 | 07:57 pm

Hi everyone! (the now three people who read this, mainly because it shows up on their friends list).

Been a while, hasn't it?

I keep visiting livejournal and wanting to post, but not being able to summon up more than few sentences about stress and blah and school and blah, I figured it wasn't really worth everyone's time.

But all those pent up feelings about school just had to break through at some point, didn't they?

Really, this post is about a momentous occasion, a milestone in my life.

For the first time ever, my brain has checked out before the semester has ended. First. Time.
Normally my brain would be eager to work hard and get good grades and be ready-ready to impress my teachers. Little grade A achieving busy bee girl that I am.

Online grad school has pretty much squashed that. Yeah, yeah, I'm wanting badly to keep up my straight A streak, I admit it! I'm selfish about it, I'm finally letting the world know. It's my thing that I do well. That and singing, back when I was taking lessons.
I love learning, and I read with interest articles about libraries and the like. Cataloging is a rainbow sometimes because it just feels so much nicer to work on than anything else does. If only I wasn't so checked out and stressed out at the same time.

Two weeks of school left and I just want to sleep and try out differen recipes in my (brand new!) ice cream maker. Instead I'm going to write an analytical essay and do a 6 minute presentation (within a 30 minute group presentation) about the Design and Applied Arts Index. Nevermind that I know next to nothing about art, even when it comes to comic books. The upside to all this school stuff? I got a nice compliment about my silly graphic novels and libraries power point presentation on youtube.

Well, I hope you're all doing well.

Back to work. (two weeks and I can officially check out!)

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Star Trek: How it should have ended.

Mar. 3rd, 2010 | 12:57 pm

If you like Star Trek (or any other movie with the word Star in it) you haaave to watch this :D

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Homework Girl

Feb. 9th, 2010 | 10:09 pm

I have been meaning to post here, but January cabin fever along with school starting kept me from writing. Let me say that this semester is so far going much better than last semester. I feel like I have a vague idea of what I am doing, which is much more comforting than feeling like I'm blindfolded.

And I've re-started weight watchers! Sort of! Just started counting points again. Once again, sort of. Sometimes it's really frustrating, but I'm feeling comfortable in my body after a few weeks of feeling a little panicky, and that is very nice. Plus it's a great motivator to get exercise :D. And exercise is good for my heart, as is eating more veggietables. Being healthy makes it much easier to deal with school and otherwise stress. (Not that I think weight watchers = healthy, it's just working out that way).

For the first time ever I made biscotti, almond anise biscotti, and it's delicious! It's from the Moosewood Restaurant Book of Desserts (http://www.amazon.com/Moosewood-Restaurant-Book-Desserts-Collection/dp/0517884933). My mom checked it out of our local library (yay libraries!) and not only is this recipe delicious, the biscotti's are only approx. two points. Mmmmm, happy.

Also, I'm planning on making cinnamon rolls this weekend. :D Hopefully delicious, vegan cinnamon rolls.

My boyfriend may be in another state, but at least I can enjoy some cinnamon rolls. And perhaps some frozen yogurt; the original tart flavor with chocolate and peanuts on top!

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Day 30/NaBloPoMo

Nov. 30th, 2009 | 11:38 pm

Well it's the last day of NaBloPoMo, and I think this is the worse I've done. I'm scared to go back and look at past years because maybe I've written the same amount and quality as past years.
But since I have made it this far I'm not giving up! I think it's only fair to do a homework peek, er, school work peek at one of the reasons I haven't been able to post as much as I would like.

This is just a small part of Assignment three:
"Article Title: Free text, in quotations, word indexed. This field also includes chapter titles for a chapter taken out of a book and used as class texts. Field is only a required field if item is article or chapter, not if it is an entire book or journal.

Author: Required field, free text, written as “last name, first name” without quotations, repeatable, word indexed.

Source title: Required field, free text, word indexed. The name of the journal, book, or any kind of document that either the article or chapter is from, or book or journal name if that is the text used. Journal name includes volume and number, when the information is available, written as Vol. and No. For example “Vol. 5 No. 2”."

Those are just three out of ten fields that I have been working on. The harder ones are at the end, those took much more work. I still have to put the finishing touches and turn it in, then finish and write a final draft of a research paper in two days. I can totally do that. Sure.
See you in a few weeks!

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Day 29/NaBloPoMo

Nov. 29th, 2009 | 11:50 pm

Here is a picture of my cat, Clover:

She is adorables. Now I have to get back to indexing. Bye!

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